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Author of The Songbird

I am a retired music teacher, a worship leader and pastor's wife to a generous and patient church family. I have two wonderful children, an equally wonderful daughter-in-law and two fabulous grandsons. I am also blessed with an incredible spouse and some amazing friends who have helped my journey; prayer partners who have held me up in life’s battles, and an incredibly loving Father God who has never left my side.


My husband came from a farm and ranch in central Illinois and I from the Detroit area. Somehow, we blended our experiences, working together to raise our little family. God later called my husband into ministry. We found our home in the beautiful little town of Rensselaer, Indiana. It is here that we have the privilege of living and ministering. Like most of us reading this, we have had our struggles and challenges, including chronic illnesses and financial woes, but we have aways found God faithful.

The Songbird is my first book, and though I never considered writing a children’s book, I am very curious by nature. The Songbird, like many books, started with a question. "Why does the dove 'moan' like that?" (A dove's distinctive and repetitive notes often sound like they are moaning.)  Questions formed in my mind as the doves sang that morning. "Why would the Lord have the dove sing like that? What is she bemoaning?" My mind kept twirling as I listened.


Now, I don't know the trials and tribulations of the average dove. (I'm sure there are many.) But I do know that once their lives would have been much different, because once there was no sadness or reason to moan. It wasn't until the fateful day mankind chose to rebel, and all of creation paid the price. Like all of God's creatures, the dove's life would have changed greatly that day.


What must her life had been like before the fall?

What if her song changed that day?

What if.....?


What is The Songbird about?

The synopsis on the back of The Songbird says this:


"The Songbird is about a young bird whose life is changed by the actions of others. Through her disappointment, she learns of God's care and plan for her personally. Each of us have a gift from God, and we have a God who will help us fulfill our destiny."​.......I couldn't have said it better myself, but if you're looking for a bit more:

The story begins in the Garden of Eden where life is perfect. Songbird and all the other creatures busy their days in anticipation of the visit of the Most High. Every evening, they share and feel His joy and love as they gather.

The Most High is invested in all of His creations, mankind and animal. He comes each evening to sit and share around the fire. So, when tragedy strikes, the animals know where to turn, and the Lord is there for them, as He is for anyone who turns to Him.

It is my prayer that children will come to see Father God in this way -- The God of heaven who wants to be their close friend as well as their God Most High.



My desire

I fervently pray that the story of The Songbird will empower children in the knowledge that they hold the attention and heart of God Himself, and He adores them.


I believe the Bible clearly reveals that each of us are created with intention and purpose! All little ones have a promising future with a God who will walk with them every step to accomplish it.

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